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Save Nepa Valley is a youth-led affiliation of activists who advocate an alternative, comprehensive development that respects human rights of all citizens, instead of exclusive infrastructure building, commercialization and urbanization that only serves the interests of a select few in power. Save Nepa Valley promotes a broad understanding of development that includes the preservation of heritage, stakeholdership of indigenous groups, local community building and the use of environmentally friendly building practices. The quality of human life, both in mental and physical terms, should be the cornerstone of comprehensive development, rather than a race to build taller and bigger. We run campaigns for awareness of these concepts and also mobilize citizens to protest against haphazard construction projects that infringe on the human rights of local populations. Save Nepa Valley initiated since 1 August 2017 has been promoting the term “Nepa Valley”, native name of Kathmandu Valley, in keeping with our respect for indigenous rights.

Since many decades, the native names of places, festivals and any other unique names coming from Newa language and culture has been attempted to be replaced by Sanskrit of Gorkhali. This attempt is done since from Shah, and rushed up a lot during Rana and Panchayat regimes, where names of places, rivers, hills, etc which is in Nepal Bhasa(i.e. Newa language) and has a history, meaning associated to it, is being supplanted with Gorkha language. In this page, we focus on native names of Newa culture, Nepa Valley and Nepal Mandala, and re-claim our narratives. #RestoreNativeNames

Newa Feminism:  To navigate the terrain between feminist ideals with Newa activism.

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Tsi Nu Tok is a discussion platform for young LGBTIQs. It is a non-formal, non-registered group that promotes discussion of various social issues and activism stuffs among LGBTIQ youths. We are a platform to promote discussion amongst young LGBTIQs. Our focus is on bringing discussion culture amongst LGBTIQ youths so that LGBTIQ movement can have new discourses. We welcome people from any sexual orientation or gender identity. We focus on young LGBTIQ and we discuss on LGBTIQ issues. Any individual can join this discussion.

Newa Gender and Sexual Minorities Newa specific GSM activism, Newa and GSM intersectionality, GSM activism in Newa social context

Sustainable Development Goals in Newa setting

Nepalese Linguistics and languages of Nepal

Newaali comes from mix of two words ‘Newa’ and ‘Gorkhali’. Gorkhali Language, or Gorkha Bhasa, or Parbate Kura which has been enforced as a lingua franca by the state, has taken local forms once it entered to communities who speak different languages. Newaali is an attempt to validate the Newa way of speaking Gorkhali/ Parbate Kura. It is a resistance against accentism, and that Newa tongue is okay.

National Gender and Sexual Minorities Day, Nepal

Nepālbhāshā sekenu– An online medium to learn Nepalbhasa

Confessions of Nepalese GSM

GSM of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities

Invasion of Gorkhalis in Nepal Mandala