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Welcome to my blog.

Jojalapa. I am Rukshana Kapali. I am a transgender woman, from Patwko, Yala, Nepa Valley. My Nepal Bhasa nickname is ‘Minjala’ which means ‘flashes of fire’. I have been writing various articles on various issues. I started my blogging at the age of 14, and I started hosting this website at 19 years of my life.

My areas of concern/working are: Gender and Sexuality, Gender and Sexual Minorities’ Rights, Feminism, Newa movement, Indigenous people and ethnic groups, #SaveNepaValley initiation, Comprehensive Development, Heritage issues, Nepal Bhasa, Language rights, Linguistics, Minority groups, Body Image and Body Shaming, Online harassment, and bringing intersectionality on all these issues.

My work is currently at:

#SaveNepaValley movement
Queer Youth Group | Founder member and core working group member
#RukuYuVines | My own vines
Right Here Right Now Nepal | Safety and Security Champion 
Youth LEAD | Member
Youth Voices Count | Member
LOOM Nepal | Board Member

My articles

Newa issues

  1. The dark history of Tribhuwan University
  2. The black day of 1st Baisakh : Ban in Nepal Bhasa
  3. Why the term ‘Newari’ is problematic and medium to establish hegemony

Newa culture and concepts

  1. ‘A town is a country’: Dey


  1. Asian Development Bank to smash over Limbuwan heritage Sarangkokma

Historical Newa Diaspora

  1. Shadowed Heritages : Newa History in Pokhara

Queer / MOGAI / Gender and Sexual Minorities

  1. Moving beyond two, stuck in three
  2. My personal experience as a transgender person
  3. Tribhuvan University disapproved transgender student
  4. Marginalization and hatred cross cuts queer population too

Save Nepa Valley concerns

  1. The thorns of displacement sugarcoated with term development

Internet, Digital Rights and Online stuffs

  1. You are free to speak, but…

Colonial History, Suppressed Narratives and the Native Lens

  1. Nepal is a stolen word : How Gorkhalis co-opted the term and redefined it